FX Breakdown Title
Rogue One Thumb

  • Designed the look and feel of the Scarif planet shield effect.
  • Developed an auto-laser firing system for space battle sequences.
  • Look development of outer space explosions.
Captain America 1 Thumb
  • Large smoke simulations for helicarrier destruction shots.
  • Supplemental fire and smoke simulations.
Star Wars Thumb

  • Multiple shots of the Millennium Falcon sand dune interaction.
  • Complex sand impact simulations.
  • Explosion and destruction simulations.
  • Smoke and fire simulations.
TMNT Thumb
  • Managed the development of hplume, an ILM GPU solver in Houdini.
  • Developed rigs and setups for vent smoke and interior dust.
  • Designed a system for interactive dust motes.
  • Complex smoke simulations.
Civil War Thumb
  • Worked with the Supervisors to lookdev Spider Man's webs.
  • Executed over thirty web shots, using a multi-shot system.
Tomorrowland Thumb NATM2 FX Supervisor
  • Designed a system for lightning, now in use on multiple shows.
  • Lightning interaction with smoke and environments.
Battleship Thumb HOP lookdev supervisor
  • Large dust simulations for animal herd ground interactions.
  • Underwater churn, bubbles, and debris sims.
Pacific Rim Thumb THE LAST AIRBENDER FX Technical Director
  • Designed the large, nuclear explosion in the final sequence.
  • Pyro simulations.
  • Rigid body simulations.
Battleship Thumb HOP lookdev supervisor
  • Supervised the effects on a sequence where battleships first make contact with alien ships ("stingers").
  • Worked closely with the CG Supervisor and R&D Lead on the development of a "cascade" water system. This system was used by all shots on the show that included alien ships.
  • Completed shots using Particle Level Set (PLS) and FLIP simulations.
  • Mist, smoke, and fire simulation.
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